PowerTalk 870’s Good Morning Tri-Cities has debuted it’s very own blog and yours truly will be a regular contributor! Go to www.gmtconline.com or click the links that I will have on this page to read my posts on the Good Morning Tri-Cities website.

Jama on the Proposed Washington County Property Tax Increase

Jama on TN House Bill 1872

Jama on “What it Means to be a ‘Values Voter'”

Jama on the Tennessee Cigarette Surveillance Program

The Winners and Losers of the CNN/YouTube Debate  


3 Responses to “Jama’s Blogs for PowerTalk 870”

  1. David Hammond Says:


    Could someone please tell me and the many other citizens as to why the Washington County
    Road Superintendent is not an elected office? Was it ignorance or a last minute good ole boy
    favor for prior Superintendent who figured his son would not get elected to this position?
    Not many of our beloved County Commissioners
    can give a valid reason.


  2. Jama Says:

    I’ll see what I can find out…

  3. Jama Says:

    Alright, here’s what I’ve got:

    According to my source, it is decided by the county commission/county mayor whether certain county offices – such as county attorney, road superintendent, etc. – are elected or appointed.

    That would explain why the county commissioners are hesitant to answer your question…it is apparently simply “at their discretion.”

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