So, my intention for this blog has been to share my motherly/housewiferly wisdom with the world. Like everyone else, however, I’m learning as I go. And I’ve hit a roadblock.

Jonathan, my 19-month-old is still breastfeeding, which is fine. I’m to the point when I want to begin weaning (I’ve actually dropped his lunchtime feeding already), but the child WILL NOT drink anything but water from a cup. I am hesitant to continue trying to wean when I can’t get him to drink milk from a cup, but I know we’re going to have to face this eventually, so…

Here’s what we’ve tried: cow’s milk, breast milk, vanilla soy milk, chocolate milk, warmed, cold, straw cups, sippy cups, Nuby cups, big-boy cups, not allowing him to leave the table unless he drinks his milk, getting big brother to “share” his milk, not allowing him any other beverage but his usual nursing and milk from a cup (which, by the way, leads to a thirsty child screaming, taking one sip of milk, and then throwing the cup at me while continuing to cry). I am at a loss.

He will drink water from a cup, no problem. He actually bypassed the sippy cup and just went straight to a straw cup. He will, especially at the end of a long fighting-over-the-milk-day, literally CHUG an entire cup of water. But after one sip of milk, he turns up his nose and throws the cup. Sigh…

I need help. Please tell me that someone else has been here! Really the only non-option is not giving him milk at all. I’ve read that milk isn’t “necessary,” and that you can supplement a child’s diet with other foods to make up for the lack of milk, but Jonathan is also a very picky eater. I am a big fan of milk (chocolate milk is actually my post-running recovery beverage – milk really DOES do a body good!!), so just not giving him milk is not something I’m willing to try. But anything else…ANYTHING!

At this point I’m putting weaning on hold until we get him accepting milk from a cup, so the quicker we come up with something, the better.

The lesson I have taken from all this, by the way, is that our next little Oliver will be getting cow’s milk at 12 months even though I still plan to breastfeed past the first year. Little did I know that it’s important for kiddos to get used to the taste of milk long before they really need to drink it!