NASHVILLERepresentative Matthew Hill (R-Jonesborough) has been named Secretary of the powerful Calendar and Rules Committee, which schedules bills for final consideration before presentation on the House floor, and debates the merits of legislation recommended for passage by the eleven standing committees. The committee is comprised of the leaders from each caucus, committee chairman, vice-chairman, and secretaries, and two other members appointed by the Speaker.

“Representative Hill will be an asset to the Calendar and Rules Committee,” stated Majority Leader Jason Mumpower. “He always displays a commitment to fairness, and has a passion for service.”

“I’m honored to be named as an officer of the Calendar and Rules Committee,” said Representative Hill. “I look forward to delving into all this subject matter to ensure that the legislation passed on from the other standing committees has been thoroughly reviewed.”

Representative Hill was also named to the Education and Transportation Committees. While Education reviews all legislation related to all levels, from Kindergarten to Higher Education, Transportation is given the responsibility of all legislation concerning public roads and highways, and also all safety regulations.

“I am honored to have been named to these additional committees, and I want to thank my leadership for their assistance. I look forward to serving on them, and working on positive legislation for the people of Tennessee,” he concluded.

Matthew Hill is serving his third term in the legislature. He lives in Jonesborough with his wife, where he is in the communications industry.