There are conflicting stories about how Kent Williams (RINO) came to be Tennessee’s newest Speaker of the House. Both are plausible, I think, so I’ll share them both.

Before I get to the scoop, however, I’d like to thank Speaker Williams, for bringing me back to the blogosphere. With two small children, a home remodeling project, the holidays, and training for my first 5k, nothing has gotten me motivated enough to give up any of my precious time to blog. Barack is the new president, blah, blah, blah…House reconvenes in Nashville, blah, blah, blah…Auto industry still wants government money, blah, blah, blah. Then an old friend from my pre-children, campaigning days sends me an IM with the scoop on Naifeh’s, er, Williams’ election as Speaker, and, by golly, I’m motivated! So, thanks, Kent, if for nothing else, for getting me back on the net.

Anywho, according to Jeff Woods, the scheme was planned over coffee during Thanksgiving recess. Reportedly, House Democratic Leader Gary Odom came to Elizabethton to meet Kent at a restaurant. As they sipped coffee (and, I imagine, pressed their fingers together, Mr. Burns style, muttering “excellent…”), Odom asked Williams how he’d like to be Speaker of the House.

Dems knew they had a snowball’s chance in getting Naifeh elected again, with the new Republican majority, and the Republican party to oust Williams if he voted for a Democrat, so they came up with a “just as good as…” plan. Nominate a RINO. Nominate Williams.

They – reportedly – kept all this a good secret, as even members of the Democratic party didn’t know as of today what was taking place, hence, the 30-minute recess called for by Dems at the end of discussion. Since even the Dems didn’t know, you can rest assured the only “Republican” in the room who had a clue was Williams himself.

So, after a 30-minute recess and all 49 Dems on board, Williams cast the deciding vote in favor of himself.

Another story that is circulating is that Williams just wanted to be Speaker and the Dems were the ones who could make it happen.

Now, both stories strike me as shifty. If, in fact, Odom approached Williams about being Speaker, we’ve got nothing more than a puppet on our hands. If, however, Williams “just wanted to be Speaker,” we’re looking at someone who lied about who he was supporting (actually, he lied either way, because Williams has been stating publicly that he was supporting Mumpower) for his own personal gain. He knew that Republicans would work against him, so instead of being up front and honest, he decided to make some back-room deal to get the job for himself.

Look, I hope I’m wrong about Williams, but he has time and again proven himself to be less-than-honorable (see my past posts on fair Speaker Williams…). Just as there are many, many of us who strongly oppose Williams, there are some who just as passionately support him. I hope he does a good job, and if he does, you Williams-lovers out there can give me a big, fat “I told you so…”