Leave it to Kent Williams to motivate me to blog for the first time in, well…way too long.

In an unprecedented move, Rep. Kent Williams (RINO) got himself nominated by House Democrats to run against Rep. Jason Mumpower (R) for Speaker of the House in the Tennessee General Assembly. And won. By one vote. His own.

All 49 Democrats voted for Williams; 49 of 50 Republicans voted for Mumpower.

Basically, the TN State House is now run by Jimmy Naifeh with an “R” beside his name.

I’m awaiting reactions from local legislators.

Earlier today there was some concern that Williams would vote for Jimmy Naifeh, but I don’t think anyone suspected he would run himself. I’m still getting bits and pieces of info from Nashville, and I think that most people are still just plain shocked. I’ll post again as more information becomes available.