I’ll start with what I hope will be good news:

Republicans have taken over the General Assembly in Tennessee.

Yesterday’s election gave Republicans a 50-49 lead in the state’s lower house, while picking up 3 seats in the Senate for a 19-14 advantage. House Minority Leader, Jason Mumpower, said “We are going to make sure that we live within our means and not put any higher taxes on Tennesseans and make them proud they elected us.” I hope they stick by that promise.

With the election of Barack Obama as President, however, I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the media. What I have seen throughout the night and into this morning is a bunch of white people talking about how “historic” it is that we have elected an African-American president.

While I am not so naive to think that it is not a big deal that a black man will be moving into the White House, especially considering what men and women endured a mere 40 years ago to make it possible, I am beyond irritated that it’s all we’re talking about this morning.

Obama’s color is taking precedence over his policies.

It seems to me that the fact that Obama is black should be a footnote in the history books, rather than a whole chapter. Rather than discussing his support of a cap-and-trade system, his questionable views on gun control, and his peculiar move toward the middle during his campaign (distancing himself from his votes in the Senate…), we are talking about his color. If I were him, I’d be a bit insulted.

Barack Obama is more than the color of his skin. He’s a barrage of Socialist policies that I fear will send America in a new wrong direction. I hope I’m wrong. And I also hope that the media will begin to focus on the issues rather than Obama’s race.