I took my unexcited behind to the polls this morning, with my two kids in tow, and voted. Did I waste 20 minutes? Maybe.

I’m glad the line wasn’t long out in the country where I vote, because I can’t say for sure that I would have stuck around to actually cast my ballot. I only voted for one person who actually has a chance of winning, so, what’s the point?

Somehow, a tiny bit of dreamer lives on in my skeptical, disenfranchised heart. Deep down, a little part of me still believes that someone, somewhere, will be impacted by my third party votes. I think, “if only more people voted like me, someone would take notice,” and I dutifully cast my ballot for those with whom I actually agree the most, regardless of their chance of winning.

So, yes, my vote matters. But it would matter a lot more if those of you who think like me would actually vote for the candidate that you believe is best, regardless of his chances of winning or attention from the media. If you voted your conscience, maybe – just maybe – we’ll one day have a choice between two great men, rather than just being forced to pick between the lesser of the two evils.