I haven’t been so disinterested in an election since I was eight years old.

My first major presidential election that really sparked my interest was 1992, when, at the age of 12, I worked to get out the vote for Bush Sr. In the years since, I have taken at least a marginal interest – even through my carefree teenage years – in each and every presidential race and most Congressional and local elections. This year, I’d rather take a nap or do something constructive like get a root canal than pay attention to the election results. Due to the difficulty I’m having getting someone to keep my kids so I can go vote, I even momentarily entertained the thought of not voting this year. Then I thought better of it.

Despite the fact that most Americans think their only choice tomorrow is to vote for Dumb or Dumber, I plan to drag my disinterested behind, possibly along with my two small children, to the polls to vote for Chuck Baldwin. Although I know he doesn’t have a chance in Hades of actually winning, at least my conscience will be clear, and I will be sending a message to the two “major” parties that I will not vote for whatever puppet they decide to parade in front of the American public.

I’ll, of course, be casting votes in my local and Congressional elections, as well: Matthew Hill in the 7th District, Daniel Lewis for Senate, James Reeves for US House.

I’ll feel good about my vote; not so good about the votes of others.

I know I’ve quoted this before, but it bears repeating: “If the only TV you watch is the MTV, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.” Hank Hill

Although I’ve been mostly bored by this year’s election, there have been a few things that have brought out the “Angry Jama” of old. I’ve already rattled on about the control the two “major” political parties have over our country. Maybe even more than that, the notion that it’s ok to vote for Barack Obama because he’s black has really riled me up.

For whatever reason, it seems to be ok to vote for Obama because of the color of his skin, but God forbid you vote against him for the same reason. I have heard time and again folks say that they are voting for Obama because he “looks like me,” or because “it’s historic,” but, if anyone were to openly say that they are not voting for Obama for the very same reason, that person would be denounced as racist. I suppose we’re only color blind when it’s beneficial, eh?

I have also been annoyed by the numerous references to “negative campaigning.” It seems that you’ve “gone negative” whenever you tell the truth about your opponent. Reveal his voting record in a commercial? Negative! Talk about people your opponent has befriended? Negative!

It seems to me that we need a little more truth-telling in campaigns and a little less telling people what they want to hear.

So how will the presidential election end? I think Obama has it in the bag, but I think we’re only going to be marginally worse off than we would be if McCain were to win. I think the Republicans will regain control of Congress in 2010, and possibly the White House in 2012. And, thus, history repeats itself until we learn our lesson…