I TiVo’d Obama’s 30-minute prime-time special last night and, after getting my older son to bed, cuddled up on the couch with my eight-week-old for a good, old fashioned laugh at Obama’s expense. After the first five minutes, I wasn’t laughing; I was texting my hubby (who was on his way home from Ft. Worth) to let him know that he needs to get used to saying “President Obama.”

One of my best friends, I’m ashamed to say, is voting for Obama. I have a feeling that more of my friends, having watched last night’s spectacle, will be jumping on board, too. To be honest, if I was clueless about politics and government – as most Americans are – I would have jumped on the Obamawagon last night.

Obama’s spot was pure political genius and, short of his death or a political gaffe the likes of which this country has never seen (e.g., a nationally televised shooting spree? a run, stark naked through the Capitol building singing “Hail to the Chief?”), we will be waking up on November 5 to a President Barack Obama.

Obama used his 30 minutes of multi-million dollar air time to convince the American people that he’s one of us – not a Socialist, not a career politician, not a bad guy. He used “regular people” to share his message. There was a well-to-do looking woman with children who rations snacks for her family because it’s all they can afford for the week. There was a senior who has been forced to work for 5 of his 10-year retirement in order to pay for his wife’s arthritis medicine. There was a teacher who has to work a second job to support herself and her children.

Yet Obama said time and again that the government can’t do it for us. He repeated that he understands that Americans want to take care of themselves, he just wants to make it a little easier. Obama’s for the “little guy.”

If I didn’t know Obama’s history, his alliances, his voting record, and what, exactly, his party stands for, I might have fallen for it. But I know Obama. And I know politics. “That one” is so slick it’s a little scary.

Our only hope is that Obama governs a bit more like Clinton than Carter (i.e., let’s hope he’s a do-nothing rather than a screw-up).