As much as I enjoy politics, this year’s presidential election has left me feeling, well, screwed.

Not only are we stuck with two of the worst candidates in recent memory whose views on government are frighteningly similar (i.e., they are both big-government liberals; they are each merely beholden to different special interests), but the media and state election regulations are leaving the vast majority of Americans with the impression that McBama is our only option.

Faced with the naseating task of voting for either McCain or Obama or casting a vote for a third party candidate that won’t really count for much, many are simply choosing not to go to the polls. Others are deciding to vote for the “lesser of the two evils.”

I will be voting in this year’s election. Call me a dreamer, but deep down I feel that if I continue to vote for third party candidates and convince my friends, family, and people I meet at the grocery store to do the same, one of these days we may actually have a presidential race in which we feel like we have a choice.

This year, however, and for at least the next four, we’re screwed. Neither major candidate is worth the over-priced suits they wear and the vast majority of Americans have no clue that they have another option. The question is: Can America survive another four years of the same old tyranny?