Just an update from the Oliver household…

I am still paying attention to all things political, due mostly to the fact that I spend roughly 9 hours a day nursing in front of the TV. When we’re not watching Sesame Street (to keep the older Oliver occupied…), we’re watching the news.

Just a few observations:

1. Lipstick on a pig? Did the media seriously spend several days discussing such a comment? For the record, I do not think that Obama was calling Sarah Palin a pig, nor do I think that Palin has exclusive rights to the word “lipstick.” Further, someone needs to instruct reporters how the town of “Lebanon” is pronounced here in the United States, i.e., it is not pronounced in the same was as it is in the Middle East. And people who live in towns called “Lebanon” generally don’t take kindly to said mispronunciation.

2. Men and women are different. I know this is a shock to many in our culture, but it has been shown over thousands of years to be true. This means that, when a woman runs for the office of Vice President, it is completely within the realm of possibility that people are going to treat her differently than they would a man. This is acceptable to an extent. Unless reporters start referring to her as “the little woman” and telling her that she just doesn’t have the brain function to run the country, due to the fact that she is female, feminists need to chill out and stop whining about sexism. I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin knows she’s a woman and, thus, different from a man.

3. Fabulous video on YouTube: Voddie Baucham on CNN

4. Finally, Sarah Palin has been, I think falsely, accused of not knowing what the “Bush Doctrine” is in her interview with Charlie Gibson this week. Although I am still not supporting John McCain and am still skeptical of Sarah Palin, I think, in fairness, that I must point out that Palin is most likely not the idiot pundits are making her out to be. My guess is that Palin did not want to answer the “Do you agree with the Bush Doctrine” question with a hard and fast response due to the simple fact that, although she may agree with it in whole or in part, does not want to be associated with Bush policy. How easy it would be for her opponents to take whatever answer she provided and turn it against her. I assume that Palin was making sure Gibson wasn’t trying to trap her into locking in with Bush’s policies. Funny, Obama dances around issues in just such a fashion on a daily basis and the media doesn’t call him uninformed…