The newest Oliver was born on Saturday, August 30! He weighed in at a tiny 5lbs, 15oz and a mere 19 inches long – a far cry from my first little linebacker.

Thanks, I’m certain, to all the prayers on his behalf, his ultrasound showed two healthy kidneys! Even the pediatrician that saw our little guy in the hospital said there was no physiological reason that the hydronephrosis would be there three days earlier and then disappear right after birth. She said that, other than a miracle, she had no explanation.

So far all is well. Baby Oliver #2 is healthy, growing and already enjoying politics during his late-night feedings, as mommy always turns the TV to CSPAN in the middle of the night.

Once we get ourselves on some sort of a schedule and I feel like I’ve slept – which could be a while! – I’m sure I’ll catch up on my blogging, but, until then, your prayers are always appreciated (or thoughts, for those of you who don’t belive in such things…) and thank you for your support thus far!