Well, you know I’m really surprised about John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin because I’m actually in the hospital about to have a baby and I just begged my husband to give me the computer so I could blog about it. In the interest of full-disclosure, I’m not actually in labor yet…I’m waiting to start the induction meds. I am, however, officially admitted, and hopefully within 24 hours of having a baby. So you know I’m pumped about McCain’s pick.

Shocked? Yes. Confused? Maybe a little.

My impression of McCain’s pick of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate is this: “evil genius.”

He’s been floating names like Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge and, as I predicted, went with a more conservative choice. A female conservative choice, I might add.

I must say, I’m impressed with the political genius of this pick. Not only is McCain pleasing conservatives of all stripes with a pro-life, fiscally conservative “reformer,” he’s snagging the Hillary gals with, as Nancy Pelosi put it, “breaking the glass ceiling.” How many women will vote for McCain just because he has a female running mate? Probably quite a few.

This isn’t, of course, a choice that will get me to vote for McCain. Nothing short of Jesus Christ on the ticket would sway me in that direction, but I must say that I’m beyond intrigued and anxious to find out how this all plays out. I predict this is just what McCain needed to bring in both conservatives and more moderate women. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.