The hubby and I have been ready to get the heck out of Washington County for a while now, but the vote by our illustrious commissioners last night to once again increase property taxes has just solidified our resolve to move as soon as we can. Unfortunately, we’re stuck in our house for at least another 2.5 years. Unless, of course, someone wants to go ahead and give us well above market value for a house in the taxation capital of East Tennessee. Any takers?

The measure to increase the property tax rate in Washington County by ten cents from $2.35 to $2.45 per $100 of assessed value passed 16-8. Voting against the increase were Commissioners Sid Campbell, Danny Edens, Mark Ferguson, Sam Humphreys, Evert Jarrett, Greg Matherly, Richard Matherly and Paul Woodby. The greedy jerks who voted in favor were Frank Bolus, Mark Hicks, Phil McPeak, Ron England, Wendell Messimer, Jim Powell, Pat Wolfe, Scott Buckingham, Bill Biles, Peggy Richardson, Mark Larkey, C.B. Kinch, Ben Bowman, Gerald Sparks, Pete Speropulos and Kyle Shell.

In September of 2006 – a mere 7 months after my husband and I purchased our home in Washington County – the property tax rate stood at a reasonable $1.87. Sid Campbell, who voted against the increase, cited the fact that last night’s vote amounted to a 31% increase in property tax rates in the last two years. Let’s not forget about the increase in food, gasoline, and electricity costs during that time. What my husband and I thought was going to be a great investment has turned out to be nothing more than an ever-increasing drain on our budget, thanks in large part to our inept commissioners.

We’re going to have to think long and hard about the possibility of my running for County Commission in 2010 (when our goober commissioners will be up for reelection). I’m a gal that will actually run the County’s budget like I run my own family’s, where we don’t buy things for which we can’t pay.