I turned on the Democratic National Convention as I went to bed tonight (remember: CSPAN is only tolerated in my house when I go to bed before the hubby and have control of the bedroom TV remote…). Instead of boring me to sleep as I had hoped, the DNC has left me no choice but to blog rather than snooze. I have been left with a few impressions in the half hour or so I’ve been watching:

1. How did they get all those aging hippies in one room? Don’t take the brown acid, people! The brown acid is bad! I repeat…the brown acid is bad!!!

2. As Ted Kennedy finished his speech and people leaped to their feet, I was left thinking, “What in the name of all things sacred was he talking about?” The moon, Ted? Seriously?

3. The music that plays between speakers, and the dancing that inevitably follows, reminds me of the “Audience Dancing” segment of the Ellen Show. Hysterical, yet very, very sad.

4. If only I wasn’t pregnant, I would be taking part in Katie Granju‘s “Obama Drinking Game.” I’d certainly be asleep by now, that’s for sure…every time someone says the word “change,” you take a shot; every time someone says the word “hope,” you take a double-shot. There’s a shot…and a double…and another…and another…oh, I give up.

5. Tom Harkin just referred to the two-party system in which Iowans are so proud. I can’t take anymore. The TV is going off, and I’m going to bed. I anticipate nightmares about hope, change, and dancing hippies.