As people get on their “but what about the children?!?” high horse, they seem to forget that it’s the job of parents to ensure their children’s education, not some county commission.

While the Cumberland County Commission refuses to increase property taxes to cover a budget shortfall, and schools in Cumberland County still have not opened, folks are ranting and raving about the Commission not educating “Cumberland County’s” children.

The last time I checked, a county isn’t capable of giving birth to, feeding, nurturing, or, ahem, educating children. That’s the job of the parents who brought them into this world. So, all the political posturing, calling the Cumberland County Commissioners “idiots,” and whining about folks who actually don’t want to pay for other people’s kids, is sorely misplaced. How about we start blaming the parents who are sitting around waiting for some County Commission to pay for and educate their children. I, for one, will be taking care of my children’s education myself, rather than relying on the government to do it for me.

I cannot say enough good things about the Cumberland County Commission. If that move to Texas doesn’t work out, I’ll certainly pack my bags for Cumberland County – the land where parents are forced to actually take care of their children themselves.

Oh, and a note to those Cumberland County parents who are upset that other folks don’t want to pay to take care of other peoples’ kids: move. That’s the beauty of living the in United States, where folks, if they are displeased with the status quo in their hometown can pick it up and head somewhere else. Heck, come to Washington County, where our commissioners don’t seem to have a problem raising taxes for anything. You can have my house, and I’ll settle on your little patch of land in Cumberland County – the land of low taxes and personal responsibility…