McCain sure knows how to alienate and royally tick off conservatives, now doesn’t he?

As if McCain isn’t having a hard enough time bringing the “far right” into his base of support, he has now made statements in an interview with the Weekly Standard that will further infuriate social conservatives.

McCain has stated that he would not rule out a Vice Presidential choice simply because he favors abortion rights. Most think he is referring to his newest BFF, Tom Ridge, with whom he’s been campaigning in Pennsylvania.

I’ve thought all along that former Homeland Security Secretary under the Bush administration would be a phenomenally stupid choice, but McCain is proving that his dementia is really affecting his ability to even campaign well.

McCain’s one “election trump card” with the Republican party is that he really, really supports the “War on Terror.” He’s not strong on social, fiscal, taxation, er, ok, ANY other major Republican issue. Many folks, however, are supporting McCain based solely on the fact that he will stay in Iraq for “100 years” if necessary. The last thing he needs on his ticket is a guy whose strong suit is his connection with the Bush administration and 9/11. Now, the icing on the cake is that Ridge is also pro-choice.

Now, if McCain does end up choosing Ridge, he’s not only failed to “balance his ticket” with someone who has different political strengths, but he’s also completely ticked off social conservatives who consider abortion one of their major issues.

It kind of makes you wonder if maybe Obama is running McCain’s campaign…