I posted yesterday on Davis’ accusations and many are questioning whether or not Davis actually has a case. I still say…maybe.

Although election law experts are saying Davis’ case is weak at best, simply because it hinges on the intent of the voters (which is difficult, if not impossible, to prove), one still must look at the possibility that there was a concerted effort from the Democratic Party to influence the election. This, again, wouldn’t be any different than what Rush Limbaugh did during the presidential primary, and even his actions weren’t deemed worthy of overthrowing an election.

While Davis can’t, at this point, challenge the intents of the individual voters, could he, perhaps, challenge the actions of those who sought to falsely influence the election, and, if so, what would be the result?

The only thing that could be done, if it was proven that there was an effort on the part of groups or individuals to influence the outcome of the primary in a way that is deemed illegal, is to throw out the results of the election. We, of course, couldn’t possibly throw out the results in every county in the First Congressional district, so, I suppose, it would have to be determined in which counties these efforts had the most impact. Then, of course, we’re talking about an obscene amount of money needing to be spent to hold another vote…and to what result?

I don’t doubt that there was an effort on the part of Democrats in our district to influence this election in a questionable manner. Even Democratic candidate, Rob Russell, heard of such efforts and argued against them. The question is: what in the world can be done about it? It still seems that the “thought police” would have to come out in force and somehow get people to admit that they were influenced by the robocalls, emails, and encouragement to vote in the Republican primary without the intent of “pledging allegiance” to the party. Otherwise, it could be argued that the efforts by the Democrats had no impact on the election whatsoever.

Regardless of the outcome of the case, Davis has ruined his career. Even if he were to challenge the results and succeed in forcing a new election in one or several counties, my guess is that even more people are going to vote for Roe – or not bother voting at all.  Should Davis have just rolled over and accepted the shadiness of this election? If he ever wants to hold public office again – yes. Folks still see Al Gore as a cry baby and now Davis is going to be painted with the same brush.

So, while I’m thrilled with this little bit of election excitement, Davis is going to regret this challenge. Even if he wins, he still loses.