I should clearly check my Myspace page more often, as Democrat for Congress, Rob Russell, posted this last Wednesday and I just read it today. Considering, however, my earlier post, I thought this would be an interesting take on the “crossover voting” scandal.

Democrat? Voting for Roe? Don’t!

If you are a Democrat thinking about voting in the Republican Primary for Republican Phil Roe – most likely based on your dislike for Congressman Davis — here are three reasons why you should vote in the Democratic Primary for Rob Russell.

3. Roe is not a moderate. On all of the important issues – energy, the economy, immigration, and especially healthcare – Roe has taken the most conservative position possible, often even more conservative than Davis. Many criticize Davis for being a “healthcare insider” and doing the bidding of drug companies, but do we really expect a wealthy doctor who has made a personal fortune off the healthcare status quo to reform our healthcare system in the best interests of poor, uninsured and under-insured, hard-working Americans?

2. The bitter Davis vs. Roe fight helps Democrats. The division in the East Tennessee Republican party has been so bitter, and the mud-slinging so intense, that many of Roe’s Republican supporters would probably consider supporting a moderate Democrat. If this bitter Republican primary is teaching us anything, it’s that a large portion of East Tennesseans want to do away with politics-as-usual. The big money Republicans in the area already know this – they have even started calling for “party unity” at their rallies – so let’s not let this opportunity slip away.

1. If you are a Democrat and really want what’s best for East Tennessee, you will vote in the Democratic Primary for the best Democratic candidate. This is a season of hope and change in America, and not the time to be politically cynical. I want to provide a real voice in Washington for the hard-working men and women of East Tennessee. I’m not a wealthy businessman or a career politician. Who I am is one of you, and I would appreciate your vote tomorrow.

Thank you for your time.


Rob Russell, Democrat for Congress

One thing’s for sure…if I was even remotely liberal, Rob Russell would be my guy (geez, am I really plugging a Democrat?). The thing is, Russell is idealistic, and I like that. The hubby and I talked all through the Presidential primary about how the two candidates that really represented the right and the left were Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. While I would never, ever, ever vote for Kucinich, I have to respect him for being firm in his beliefs and truly representing his form of government. I feel the same way about Russell. While we’ll probably agree on very little, I respect him, and I respect his plea against crossover voting.