In the fog of the “morning after” (the election, of course), I rather sarcastically referred to the “geniuses” who came out to the polls in Carter County. A commenter pointed out how rude that was – and I really try to be at least a little charitable on this blog – so I do want to take this chance to apologize to Carter County voters.

With a little sleep and some perspective, although I still wouldn’t personally have voted for a sales tax increase, I can understand (sort of. In a way.) why some folks with a reasonable amount of intelligence might decide otherwise.

In all honesty, I’d rather end up with a sales tax increase in Washington County to pay for those two new schools opening up over the next couple of weeks than the obscene property tax we’ve been stuck with. Or, heaven forbid, a wheel tax. It very well could be that folks in Elizabethton were simply thinking of what their commissioners might do without that sales tax increase. I can’t say I completely agree, but I understand the logic.

Now, I still can’t understand why one would vote for Kent Williams, but that doesn’t make you stupid. You can make a bad decision or two and still be as bright as the morning sun – it happens to the best of us.

So, Carter Countians (and that includes all of you who voted in favor of Elizabethton’s sales tax increase), I don’t really think you’re stupid. Please accept my apology and bring on some healthy debate!