Although at $2.53, the Sullivan County property tax rate is still higher than Washington County, the thing that struck me about the article appearing on was Mayor Steve Godsey’s reaction to this year’s property tax freeze:

We’re going to have to tighten our belt. When your budget’s tight, you’re just going to have to make some adjustments.”

I think I might fall over dead with shock if I ever heard such words uttered from anyone in Washington County’s government.

Washington County’s solution to any “tough” year is to raise taxes in some way, shape, form, or fashion. From trying to implement a wheel tax to raising property taxes a “mere” $0.10 this year, the answer is never “we’ll have to tighten our belts.”

I’ve said it before (and said it, and said it, and said it) that, if I ran my family’s budget the way Washington County (and Washington D.C.) runs theirs, I’d have debt collectors beating down my door. My husband probably wouldn’t have a job, either, because the constant requests for raises would get old pretty quick.

So, right on, Mayor Godsey – you tighten that belt just like the rest of us have to, and maybe come on over to Washington County and show our mayor how it’s done.