The polls closed at 8pm, and so far, the only reports we have are from Sullivan County’s early and absentee ballots.

According to election officials, Phil Roe topped David Davis in early and absentee voting in Sullivan County by a margin of 55.8% to 43.7%. While that could change as today’s votes come in, I’ve been hearing a buzz that Roe may have more of a shot than I thought he did.

I’ve been predicting all along that Roe wouldn’t be able to beat Davis, as it appeared nearly all of his support was coming from Johnson City/Washington County. His financial disclosures indicate that, other than loaning himself money, nearly all of his funding has come from residents of Johnson City. I’ve been reading a lot in the last few days, however, from folks who seem to think that Roe has more widespread support than he appears. I suppose only time will tell…