I heard rumor of Carter County Rep Kent Williams verbally attacking a spectator at the Carter County Republican Pig Roast on Saturday, and only decided to post the info here when I found that the Johnson City Press confirmed the story. For those of you who missed this classy moment in Carter County politics, the exchange went as follows:

Williams: “I voted for the liberal speaker, Jimmy Naifeh.”

Spectator: “Then you’re a Democrat!”

Williams: “And you’re a liar, sir. I’m not being rude to you. Do you think maybe you can give me my time and just shut your mouth?”

Wow, nice argument, Kent.

Williams then went on to name several current and former Representatives, including Jason Mumpower, Ron Ramsey, Rusty Crowe, and David Davis, who all voted for Democrat Speakers of the House. At the risk of sounding like a mom chastising her teenage son, if the other Representatives decided to jump naked off the Capitol building, would you do it, too?

If Kent can’t take the heat and feels the need to resort to telling old men to shut their mouths, then he’s in the wrong line of work. Williams needs to learn how to argue the finer points of his policy-making decisions rather than resorting to kindergarten-style “I know you are, but what am I?” retorts.