On day one of this Fall’s Sales Tax holiday, yours truly used her bargain-hunting ability and purchased my older son’s entire fall wardrobe, plus a pair of pants for dad, at a staggering discount. Combining the tax-free weekend with a 25% off promotion from the Gap Brands, plus free shipping and a $10 rewards certificate, I saved a little over $130. And all before the sun came up this morning.

Sadly, purchasing my sons’ summer wardrobes won’t be quite as cheap. Bredesen and his ilk have already canceled Tennessee’s sales tax holiday for April of 2009. He’s now wishing he could do the same for August. And every Tax Holiday after that.

Lucky for us, while the April sales tax holiday is optional, it would take an act of Congress (or, State General Assembly, as it were) to get rid of the August holiday. If it wasn’t for that, I’m sure Bredesen would be doing his darndest to get rid of that tax break and any other he can get his hands on.

What I find so interesting about Bredesen’s new-found opposition to the Sales Tax Holiday is how he acts like tax revenue already belongs to the government. What he doesn’t understand (and, he’s not alone in his ignorance…) is that all that money belongs to us before and after it’s been placed in the greedy, greedy pockets of our esteemed government officials.

So, watch your back. Bredesen wants your cash, and…wait, is that an income tax I smell?