Aww…I feel politically homeless!

The movie “Swing Voter” will premier Friday, August 1 and the Libertarian Party of the Tri Cities will be at Reel to Reel Cinemas in Johnson City for the event. Reel to Reel has already been promoting the movie through signs across Johnson City that read “You are the Swing Vote,” and the Libertarian Party will be joining in the festivities with a booth at the movie’s premier this weekend. They will be registering voters, handing out Libertarian Party literature, and, of course, operating the “Operation Politically Homeless” booth.

Interestingly, the theater’s promotion of the film includes a straw poll on Friday from noon until 7pm and on Saturday from noon until 9pm. The ballot will be strictly Democrat and Republican. Wow. Give me that kind of choice and I’ll just stay home.

Head to Johnson City this weekend and visit the Operation Politically Homeless booth…you just might find yourself a new home!

For the record, I am not supporting the Libertarian candidate for President, Bob Barr. So, I guess even with the Libertarian Party being much closer to my political views nowadays than any of the other parties, I’m still technically a “political homeless person.”