In an earlier post I told you about criticisms of Kent Williams’ acceptance of a campaign donation from House Democratic Caucus Assistant Majority Leader, John Litz. This week, Williams responded in an issue of the Elizabethton Star.

Williams said, “Rep. John Litz and I have become good friends. The party affiliation has nothing to do with it. He is first a farmer and then a legislator. I also farm some. He has been very appreciative of my work with Agricultural Commissioner Ken Givens on some farm issues.”

Well, isn’t that sweet.

At first I found his excuse somewhat convincing, as I’m sure a lot of people will. Then I considered, however, my friends who have drastically different political views than I do. I thought to myself, would I accept a campaign donation from my liberal friends? Probably.

Then I thought further. Would I donate money to a friend of mine from the other side of the aisle? Absolutely not – not unless they weren’t really on the other side of the aisle. I have some good friends – people that I love talking with and with whom I have lots in common other than political views – that I would never, ever, want elected to public office. Why? Because I am so vehemently opposed to their political world views. Friendship has nothing to do with it. I’m “friends” with David Davis, and I’m sure we agree on some issues, but I’m not going to vote for him much less give money to his campaign…so what gives?

It’s possible that this says less about Kent Williams than it does about John Litz. Maybe Litz is a political weenie who doesn’t really care about the issues about which he says he cares, and would therefore donate money to get a political “rival” elected.

Given Williams’ record, however, (opposing pro-life and second amendment legislation, voting for House Speaker Naifeh, etc.) my guess is that Litz was giving money to a buddy with similar political views.