A comment posted last night about the fundraising going on in the first district (more specifically, the claim that Roe had raised more in individual contributions than Davis), sparked my interest this morning, so I decided to take a look for myself.

Current US Representative David Davis took in a total of $539,913 (half of which was PAC money), while challenger Phil Roe took in $499,016 (that’s including a $259,900 loan to himself). So, Davis gathered $279,424 in individual contributions and Roe gathered $239,115. While Roe didn’t actually take in more individual contributions than Davis, it was a modest effort on his part.

In taking a look at the itemization, however, one can see a lot about this campaign. To be sure, I don’t have a horse in this race. I’ve stated before that I won’t be voting for Davis again (although I like him as a person, I don’t particularly care for him as a Congressman), yet I’m not entirely comfortable with Roe, either.

Davis’ contributions are not only from all across the district, but read like a who’s who of business and industry in the area. Wayne Basler, Bill Breeding, Mitch Cox, Steve and Ashley Grindstaff, Scott Niswonger, Terry Orth, Pete Paduch, Jim Powell, and Kelly Wolfe, just to name a few.

Roe’s contributions, on the other hand, are virtually all from Johnson City and Jonesborough. A lot of doctors grace the list, which is no surprise, but – sad as it is that this is necessary to get elected – the political power players are missing.

While Roe’s refusal to accept PAC money is noble (wonderful, brilliant, glorious…you get my point), he’s going to have start raising funds and support outside of the Washington County bubble if he has a shot in the world of winning this election.