In an article that appeared today on, Republican leaders are criticizing Representative Kent Williams for accepting money from House Democratic Caucus Assistant Majority Leader, Representative John Litz.

Representative Eric Swafford called it an “outrage” that Williams would not only vote for Democrat Speaker of the House (and enemy to gun rights) Jimmy Naifeh and vote against SJR 127, but then accept money from the House Democratic Caucus.

Now, one could argue that money is money, and to take money from someone on the “other” side of the aisle might simply allow you to further your own agenda, rather than that of the money giver, but given Williams’ track record, I am much more likely to believe that Williams accepted the cash as a “how do you do” to his buddies the Democrats. Such a donation might mean something different had it been given to someone who actually votes conservatively; then again, Democrats don’t typically give their money to help elect those who will actually vote in a conservative manner.

Score one for Jerome Cochran.