Tennessee Right to Life announced Friday its official endorsement of Jerome Cochran in the Fourth District House race.

Cochran is an obvious pro-life candidate. What I find terribly interesting is that Tennessee Right to Life decided to endorse Cochran rather than the incumbent, Kent Williams. When asked about this decision, Right to Life President, Brian Harris, said, “Mr. Williams immediately voted to support the election of a radically pro-abortion Speaker of the House. As a result, efforts in the House to restore even the most modest pro-life laws in our state were squelched and killed without debate or vote.”

I took a look at the financial disclosure statements for both Cochran and Williams, and noticed that the first item on Williams’ expenditures list is a donation to Abortion Alternatives in Elizabethton. Nice try, Kent. While the donation is, I’m sure, appreciated, it just wasn’t enough to buy an endorsement from Tennessee Right to Life. One must actually vote pro-life in order to receive that endorsement (or at least show a track record of supporting life issues, if one hasn’t held public office before). Of course, at least Williams took the time to report his expenditures, unlike Washington County’s Todd Smith