The Johnson City Press featured an article about State Representative Matthew Hill’s fundraising for the second quarter drastically outshining that of his opponent Todd Smith. What the article failed to mention, and what I find most interesting, is that Smith showed no expenditures for the second quarter.

I already had questions about Smith’s first quarter report, which reflected a mere $102.56 paid to the JC Press for several ads (ads in the Press are not cheap, and, unless they cut Smith one heck of a deal, something wasn’t reported). The second quarter report, however, has me absolutely dumbfounded.

Who, exactly paid for all those t-shirts I saw Smith’s supporters wearing in the Jonesborough Days parade? What about the signs I’ve seen cropping up? Ads that have appeared in local papers? Food for his campaign fundraising dinner?

Even if these items were paid for by someone else, those have to be listed as in-kind contributions, so, it would appear, that Smith is failing to report significant expenditures, contributions, or both. Which is illegal.

I know that Smith as well as several of his supporters frequent this blog, so some sort of explanation would be appreciated. I would hate to think that Smith is skirting election law (although, if he is, why would he decide not to report expenditures? Seems an odd thing to do…).