A surprising article from ABC News (the article itself isn’t surprising, rather the fact that it’s from ABC news…) reports that more and more doctors are opting out of accepting Medicare because of repeated cuts to their reimbursements.

Doctors don’t like having to deal with the government – especially government-run health insurance. This was my personal experience in the couple of years I spent on TennCare. My “insurance” was a constant hassle, and I was hard-pressed to find decent doctors that would even give me the time of day. I went without meds and couldn’t see certain specialists because no one wanted to deal with the red tape. And who can blame them?

Medicare reimbursements took another 10.6% hit this month, meaning that many doctors literally cannot afford to continue to see Medicare patients (and often Medicaid, as well) anymore. Those who primarily treat Medicare/Medicaid patients are getting out of doctoring; those who can maintain a practice with their privately insured patients are simply opting out of Medicare.

There is no question that doctors don’t want to have to deal with government insurance. Unfortunately, many are stuck with either accepting the government crumbs, or getting out of the business altogether:

“There is an unprecedented level of frustration with the government and Medicare in Mississippi,” Dr. Scott Nelson explained. “I have not heard of any doctors in my area opting out of Medicare, because there are not enough patients with private insurance in the rural Mississippi Delta… we have no choice but to see them, and we are literally at the mercy of the government. I foresee some small practices closing altogether.”

Many doctors, according to the article, are getting out of medicine for good – and this is only as a result of their getting shafted by the government. Oh, but wouldn’t it be glorious if the government ran all of our health care?

If the Federal government does such a bang up job insuring just a small portion of the population, I shudder to think what a completely nationalized health care system would look like. If, God forbid, the day ever comes that universal health care comes to America, I’m training as a midwife (so I can deliver my own babies) and praying that herbs can keep my family healthy. After a brief experience with government health care, I can tell you that I certainly don’t ever want to do it again. And, it seems, there are a lot of doctors out there that don’t want to fool with it either…