What a long couple of days!

Due to some computer hardware upgrade (at least that’s the story) at our host, my site, as well as fellowtip.com, jamesoliver.us, and midwaypca.com, in case you haven’t noticed, have been MIA for the last two days or so. These are the sites that my husband maintains, through an external host.

Whatever the cause, with no warning from the host and delayed response from them once the sites went down, the hubby and his fellow geek friends are furious at the loss of service. I may have a bit more downtime (although not days at a time) soon, as we switch over to another host.

Thankfully, there’s not been a lot in the news lately that’s really knocked my socks off. But you can bet that this afternoon, while my little one is napping, I’ll be perusing the headlines once again to bring you my brilliant insight.

Do me a favor while you wait…visit fellowtip.com. This is a site my hubby’s been working on with a friend for several months now. The site just launched last week, only to be taken down by the inept host a mere 4 days into their debut. Sign up. Exchange info. Give the geeks some cheer…