A copy of a memo sent to US Congressman David Davis and his campaign staff reveal the results of a poll of likely Republican voters in Tennessee’s first Congressional district conducted in May of 2008. It looks like Davis has this election in the bag.

Among “Very Conservative/Strong Republicans,” Davis has an approval rating of 78%, and only 7% of those polled see him as “unfavorable.” Among “Religious Republicans,” “Strong Republicans,” and “Republican Seniors,” the results are similar, with Davis’ approval rating at 74%, 71%, and 71% respectively.

In a primary match-up with Phil Roe of Johnson City, Davis does extremely well, with 61% saying they will vote for Davis, and only 20% voting for Roe.

This is actually difficult, if not surprising news for me. I like David Davis as a person. A lot. I think he’s a man of character who does what he thinks is right for the district. We just don’t happen to agree on what is right for the district – or the country. It’s one of those political situations that one gets into when you actually get to know your representatives: you really, really like the person, but aren’t such a big fan of his politics. I voted for Davis last time around because I like him as a person; I won’t be doing the same this time around.

That’s not to say I’ll be voting for Roe, either.

This will clearly be a “Third Party” election year for me.

Anywho, we can fully expect Davis to win the primary and, most likely, the November election (none of the Democrats I’ve heard about so far have a snowball’s chance in Hades against Davis in this strong Republican district).