I guess that should read “Donations for Ed McMahon?”

After appearing on “Larry King Live” to talk about the possibility that he will face foreclosure, people across the country began calling in to donate money to Ed McMahon. Ed McMahon!

Glenn Beck discusses the bigger problem at issue here, but I must make one comment of my own…

Don’t you think there are better ways to spend your charity dollars than giving them to a millionaire celebrity whose $6 million McMansion may have to be replaced with a $1 million condo?

You know I’m all for people spending their hard-earned money any way they want to, but, come on. There are lots of folks down at the Salavation Army as we speak who need that money just a little worse than old Ed…

Anywho, read Glenn’s article. This is one of those times I wholeheartedly agree with him.