The Presidential race has gone from “The Three Stooges” to “Dumb and Dumber” as Hillary bows out of the race. Now who’s dumb and who’s dumber? You might be surprised.

While McCain is most likely going to be one of your standard, run-of-the-mill, Washington Republicans, I actually think that Obama – like most Democrats – is an evil genius who is bent on gaining power through the destruction of the country. So, while I fully understand that each candidate is “educated,” as anyone who can make it nearly to the White House must be, they are each dumb in their own ways. I believe, however, that McCain is somewhat dumber. Henceforth, I will be referring to Barack Obama as “dumb” and John McCain as “dumber.” That is not to say that Obama, by the way, is the “lesser of the two evils,” if any of you are looking for voting advice. I, as I hope you well know, will be voting for neither Dumb nor Dumber.

The big news with Dumb and Dumber yesterday was their plans for the economy. What I’m looking for, of course, is a candidate who says “what the heck is the government doing so involved with the economy anyway? Let’s return to the gold standard, get rid of the Fed, and let Laissez Faire Capitalism rule the day!” Dumb and Dumber have decidedly different approaches.

Dumb (Obama, lest you have forgotten) plans to raise taxes on the “wealthy” through a series of “tax loophole” closings and by repealing the Bush tax cuts. Now, this is, again, where Obama shows himself to be an evil genius. A lot of people don’t like rich people (why? well, that’s probably another post for another day, but it boils down to a combination of laziness and jealousy). So, all Obama has to do is say that he’s only going to increase taxes on the rich and, like a bunch of lemmings, scores of Americans will vote for him simply because they don’t consider themselves “rich.” What Obama fails to mention is that folks like me, who are firmly planted in the middle class, are also faced with tax increases under his plan.

Obama favors a near doubling of the capital gains tax rate from 15% to 28%. That affects me, and countless other “regular, non-wealthy” Americans who have small investments. How did I, a middle class gal from Tennessee end up with investment “income?” My dad died, and I’m not a moron. I got just enough money to make it worthwhile to invest (at the age of 19, by the way) and, because I’m invested in a mutual fund that rebalances every 15 months, I get socked with the capital gains tax. Even though I don’t actually use any of my investment “income,” as it will stay in the mutual fund until my hubby retires and we need the dough, I have to pay those taxes every other year, on our regular, old fashioned tax return. Thereby sticking it to me right up the tailpipe. Thanks Obama. Us rich folks really do need more taxes.

By cloaking his plan in the claim that he’s only “raising taxes on the wealthy,” a lot of people will get duped. But even more people (like me) will get screwed.

Dumber (McCain), on the other hand, favors tax cuts, generally, across the board. He supports making the Bush tax cuts permanent and repealing the AMT. I am all for tax cuts of just about any sort, but what McCain MUST do is also cut government spending.

McCain claims to have a plan to cut spending, but, I’m pretty sure Bush did as well (and we see how that turned out…). McCain “proposes a one-year freeze on discretionary spending to assess which programs should stay and which should go…and has also said he would demand that Congress eliminate earmarks” (

If – and that’s a BIG IF – McCain would actually stick to a decrease in government spending to cover his tax cuts, then more power to him. Forgive me, however, if I am skeptical.

The Republicans in Washington have increasingly become the “don’t tax but still spend” party while still claiming to favor lower taxes and smaller government. If McCain can buck this trend, then I’ll stand behind him. If not, we’re in for another four years of George W.

There are several other points on the economy from both candidates that I’d like to address, as Dumb and Dumber finally have me fired up enough to blog again. Expect juicy tidbits of my opinion on the fellas in the coming days…