When asked what he thought about Senator Bob Corker’s opposition to McCain’s proposed gas tax holiday (which Corker called “pandering extraordinaire”), McCain called Corker’s reaction “hysterical.” I think this response is further evidence of my sister’s claim that McCain is suffering from dementia.

I’m sure I talked about this when news of the economic stimulus checks came out, but, although I fully support returning money to the taxpayers, temporary “relief” is nothing more than an election year ploy for votes. McCain knows it, Corker knows it, and every legislator who has ever voted in favor of such nonsense knows it. If McCain really cared about easing the “pain at the pump for average Americans,” he would be fighting to cut government spending and lower taxes, rather than offering a little bribery to those who don’t understand the concept of supply and demand (or the fact that if the government would get out of the way, gas prices would be lower any old way).

I hope that Corker sticks to his guns on this one. While I’d love to see gas prices go down (it cost me $66 to fill up my van yesterday…), I’d much rather see a little less coming out of my husband’s paycheck each week.

So, keep your gas tax holiday, McCain, and do something really worthwhile.