Ok, Ok, I think I’m back. You know me…I get all gung-ho with the world of politics for a while, then get irritated, frustrated, and – let’s face it – bored with the status quo and take a little hiatus. After a couple of run-ins with legislators (and a former legislator) this morning, as well as a phone call from my sister assuming that I had more political info than I do at the moment, I figure it’s time to get back in there. So, here are a few thoughts on news bits I’ve heard over the last week.

  • At the risk of giving him some free publicity, has anyone really ever heard of Todd Smith? It would appear that a lack of name recognition is getting the better of him at this point – a mere 8 weeks before the primary. In some cases I would say that the electorate’s tendency to vote for the guy whose name they recognize is a sorry way to pick a representative, but this isn’t one of them. With buddies pushing for some free publicity (through worthless debates and “community editorial boards”), it would seem that Smith is out of cash and still doesn’t have the name recognition he would need to win in August. And from what I hear, his cronies are getting upset.
  • Obama finally resigns from church. Where he’s been a member for 20 years. What I want to know is this: are things really all that different now than they have been for the last two decades? Or is it just gonna be really hard to win the election with Wright and the Crazy Priest hanging out in your back pocket?
  • John McCain in Nashville today. Whoop-de-do.
  • Corker offers amendment to Cap and Trade Bill. We all know what I thought about Bob Corker during the election. I’ve got to say, however, that he’s turned out to be not quite as horrible as I thought he was going to be. Corker is offering up an amendment to the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2008 (let’s pause to laugh at what a dumb name that is for a bill: the “Climate Security Act of 2008.” As if our government – or anyone else for that matter – can do anything at all to achieve “climate security.” Can we say “God complex?”) that would “(1) provide direct relief to American consumers bearing the brunt of the cap-and-trade program’s costs; (2) increase direct reimbursement to the American people by eliminating free allowances—worth over a trillion dollars — to entities that have nothing to do with reducing carbon emissions; and (3) eliminate the use of international offsets to meet emissions reductions” (Chattanoogan.com). It’s not often I say this, but, at least he’s doing something to fight Socialism in America. Don’t we have another Senator? What’s he done for the cause of liberty (sort of) lately?