When one lives in the country, it doesn’t take much to get the neighborhood excited. A cow got loose? We’re gathering in front yards to talk about it. Mormons came through? We’re watching to see who lets them in! Cops are down the road? We’re on the phone trying to find out what’s going on. So, when door-to-door magazine salesmen (or so they called themselves) came through the neighborhood yesterday, everyone was in a tizzy.

It’s not that the magazine salesmen on our street was just an irritation. This guy was banging on doors, yelling through windows, and being downright rude to those of us who refused his fishy sales pitch. After some internet searching, I became increasingly convinced that this was some sort of scam.

We called the police, although I don’t think they ever caught the fellows (I saw another salesman a few streets down when I went out to return a movie…).

So, this is a just a warning – a little Public Service Announcement, if you will – they’re here, so watch your doorstep.

The sad truth is that we live in very different times. The days of inviting door-to-door salesmen into your home for dinner and a bed for the night are long gone. For all we know these guys were checking the neighborhood to see who’s home when. The funny thing is, if this was the case, they would certainly be surprised when they tried to hit the pregnant lady’s house – little do they know that I’m packing as much heat as my husband. I pity the fool who thinks I’m an easy target!

I miss the Mormons. At least they’re friendly, fun to chat with, and leave politely when we ask them to…