Oh, how I love to hear a politician – especially a whole gaggle of ’em – talk about “change.”

“Change” has become the new political buzzword, although its true meaning is something more along the lines of, “I’m going to tell you how we, the government, are going to ‘solve’ your problems!”

House Republicans unveiled part of a plan geared toward pulling their party out of the toilet yesterday. The plan, titled “Change You Deserve,” panders, thus far, to working mothers and the military.

Reps say that, with 60% of mothers with children under 6 working outside the home, the government needs to do something to help them out. My thought was, “Hey! How about lowering taxes and getting out of the way of small business! Maybe, stop over-regulating the oil industry so we can bring prices down! Ooh! Or quit subsidizing food, electricity, and other necessities so it would be worth someone’s time and energy to provide cheaper access to both! Now, there’s a PLAN!”

Of course, however, the Republicans, being big-government liberals in sheep’s clothing, instead have suggested, “more freedom in their jobs; greater health care and retirement security; safer communities; access to quality, affordable education; and the ability for future generations to compete in the global economy,” i.e., more, bigger, and scarier government.

They think this is going to get me to vote Republican in the Fall? It is more likely that I’ll run screaming from the voting booth begging God for someone with some sense!

As for the military, the Republican plan was summed up as, “Our nation’s most solemn duties are to take care of our troops, veterans and their families and to keep families safe. It is critical that we continue to fight and win the war on terror and that we support our men and women who serve in our Armed Forces and their families.” Hmmm. Sounds somewhat  like the status quo, doesn’t it?

If the Republicans have a shot in Hades this November, they’re going to have to straighten up and become something they’ve not been in a long time: Conservative.

I don’t mean the kind of Conservative that has been hijacked by those wanting to court the religious right, but the kind of Conservative that supports low taxes, reduced (really, really reduced) government spending, and the right to take care of ourselves without government interference.

Polar bears be damned.