At a time when the State government is cutting jobs, and there appears to be a significant deficit in the county’s budget (more on this in a moment…), the Washington County Commission has proposed a budget which includes a 5% pay increase for County employees (who received a 4% pay increase last year).

While I hate to suggest that someone not get a pay raise, the fact of the matter is that, in business, sometimes revenue is not what you expect it to be. In those years, pay raises are not only irresponsible, they’re just plain stupid.

My guess is that the county commission is still pouting over not getting their precious wheel tax, and is trying to make the deficit look worse than it really is. “Look at what you’ve done to the CHILDREN!!!” – we hear cried from the Courthouse steps. No, commissioners, look how you built two new schools you couldn’t afford, thinking residents of Washington County would just roll over and allow you free-access to our wallets.

Additionally, the county’s health insurance is coming in with a $500,000 surplus this year, which means that there should be a significant amount of money going into this budget cycle – some estimates are around $1 million – making the deficit much lower than what the Commission is reporting.

How soon can we vote these bums out of office?