While the mainstream media continues to focus on their favorite candidates, I urge you not to think that Clinton, Obama, and McCain are your only options. I, for the record, won’t be voting for any of the aforementioned candidates.

Ron Paul is not out of the race. As a matter of fact, according to the LA Times, there is an effort among Ron Paul supporters to quietly, but forcefully, revolt against the Republican’s presumptive nominee, John McCain. Contrary to popular belief, Ron Paul hasn’t dropped out of the race, and his supporters, myself included, refuse to just give up and go with whatever loser the Republicans bring out this time around. For the good of the party? My foot. How about for the good of the country?

So keep an eye out for Ron Paul. Even if he doesn’t win this time around he’s still going to be demanding attention, and I imagine that he’ll be going strong in the political arena for years to come. Much to my delight…

Further, former Georgia Congressman, Bob Barr has announced his intention to run in November on the Libertarian Party ticket. Although he will still have to await the party’s nomination, he is certainly an option for those who are tired of the neo-conservative powers-that-be who have been controlling the Republican party for the last several years.

And please don’t feed me some line about “wasting your vote.” The only way you waste your vote is by folding to pressure and voting for the “lesser of the two evils.” Real change will only come for this country when we stop believing the lies of those in power and begin to vote based on our true beliefs. I’d give anything to take back my vote in 2004 – I let the “don’t waste your vote” morons affect what button I pushed in the voting booth, and I’ve regretted it ever since.

So, pay attention to Paul and Barr (although, I’m sure that won’t be easy, as I can’t imagine you’ll be seeing a lot of them on the evening news…). They may end up being just the bit of hope we need.