Sometimes I just love politics:

Rep. Kent Williams Grandstanding During Thursday’s Session

I could use this opportunity to actually talk about the bill in question, but it seems, considering the parliamentary wrangling that has gone one during this year’s session, it would behoove us to discuss a bit of this “committee system” that Naifeh and his goons think works so well.

The committee system works well for those who control it, but not so well for those of us at its mercy. It’s entirely too easy to go in and kill a bill for personal political reasons (like Naifeh did just a few weeks ago with the gun bills). While one might think that the committee system keeps “junk legislation” from taking up time on the floor – and I’m sure sometimes this works – it all too often becomes a way for the party in power to ensure only their agenda is successful.

So, while it may seem a bit dirty to some to attach an unrelated amendment to a particular bill, sometimes one must fight fire with fire. Like when a bill you find rather important has been killed by a partisan committee.