Former House Majority Leader, Kim McMillan (D), who is planning a 2010 run for governor, now says she is against the income tax.

McMillan, a Clarksville Democrat, voted in favor of an income tax in Tennessee in 2002. What I find interesting – and laugh-out-loud amusing – is the reason she gave for voting for the measure.

McMillan told Nashville’s City Paper, “When I had to choose between a plan that would allow us to remove the sales tax on food and make us competitive with Kentucky or increase the overall sales tax with no benefit to anybody, I think that was the choice that I took at that time in line with what the constituents of the 67th District told me that they thought was more appropriate.”


So, what McMillan is saying is that her constituents told her they would rather have a state income tax than a food tax? Is she serious? What kind of idiots live in Clarksville nowadays?

You know how I like to do simple math, so indulge me for a moment.

We’ll use Virginia’s income tax system as an example. Let’s say you make $25,000 of taxable income. Now, – using Virginia’s tax schedule – you would pay $1,181 in taxes to the state (not counting sales taxes on other items). If, however, we decide against having an income tax and keep the food tax exactly as it is now, and you spent $100 per week on food, you would pay $286 in taxes each year. Even if you eat a whole lot more than that and spend $200 per week on groceries, you’d still only pay $572 in taxes each year.

So, these morons in Clarksville actually told McMillan that they would rather the government take $1,181 out of their paychecks each year than pay $286 on top of their grocery bills? Something must be terribly wrong with the schools ’round those parts. Either that or McMillan is a dirty, dirty liar (kind of like Bob Patton who said that his constituents favored an income tax).

McMillan knows that the income tax is a terribly unpopular issue, so she’s trying her best to distance herself from her vote. The funny thing is that she inadvertently called her Clarksville constituents stupid. Whoops.