No, you didn’t read that wrong. Although I have had many, many bad things to say about Mountain States Health Alliance, as they have gotten things terribly, terribly wrong on several occasions, I will certainly let it be known when they get something right.

You’ll recall that I had mostly good things to say about my birth experience at Sycamore Shoals, just as an example.

Anywho, this afternoon I had an unfortunate run-in with a giant, wicker laundry basket (filled, unfortunately, with a week’s worth of laundry) in which my right pinky toe was a casualty. After spending several minutes crying in the floor – I don’t think I cursed, but it’s not out of the question – I opted to call Ask-a-Nurse, a service of MSHA.

The last time I called Ask-a-Nurse was several years ago and I was not impressed. It was apparent that all the gal could tell me was “call your doctor.” My thought was, “Well, why did I call you, then?”

This time, however, was much more positive. Both the operator and the RN with whom I spoke were amazingly kind. They seemed to genuinely care about my tiny toe! Robin, the RN, told me exactly what to do for my little appendage, and suggested that I call my doctor if my toe swells to twice it’s normal size. With ice and rest, here’s hoping that I can avoid a trip to the doc. Not that I don’t like my doc, I just don’t appreciate my co-pay.

So, whether I just got a bum nurse the last time I called or MSHA has actually made improvements to their Ask-a-Nurse service, good job helping me out with my swollen, black toe. I’ll be calling again the next time my clumsiness leaves me with some bizarre injury.

Until then, an ice pack and a pile of pillows are calling my name. I’ll be back on the political train by tomorrow if all goes well…