Tennessee House Speaker (Boss Hogg) Naifeh, after casting the deciding votes in several pieces of gun legislation during committee a few weeks ago, wrote a piece for the Tennessean in which he tried to justify his actions.

I actually read the piece last night, but had to take some time to try and understand the idiocy that is Jimmy Naifeh. It’s hard to wrap your mind around someone so utterly lacking in common sense, so a good night’s rest and a couple of well-balanced meals is exactly what I needed before being able to comment on Naifeh’s “justification.”

The first thing about the piece that struck me was that Naifeh just obtained a carry permit a few weeks ago. I’m certain Naifeh was aware that Tennessee passed it’s concealed carry law in 1994, so I’m not sure why he waited 14 years to obtain a permit, especially if he’s such a big supporter of the right to bear arms. It looks awfully fishy that he obtained his permit just weeks before he killed several bills supported by gun owners.

Further, now that Naifeh has his very own CCP, I wonder if he leaves his piece in the car when he takes the family out to the local Applebee’s. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that a little pat-down of ol’ speaker Naifeh would reveal that he’s got his gun in tow. Clearly, though, the rest of us can’t be trusted.

Naifeh says:

The aim of these bills was not to protect or defend the Second Amendment of this country, but rather an attempt by an extreme few to pervert our right to bear arms into a law that only recognizes a select few. Allowing people to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants does nothing to improve safety but rather opens the door to much larger problems.

It seems to me that the “much larger problem…” is the fact that criminals don’t pay particular attention to laws that state things such as “don’t carry your gun into this particular establishment.” I’d feel a lot more comfortable in my local Texas Roadhouse if I knew that law-abiding citizens, rather than just the criminals, had their guns in tow. I suppose speaker Naifeh would just prefer that we march in for a family dinner like lambs to the slaughter. “Don’t shoot! I’m unarmed!” Psycho killers often listen to reason, you know.

Naifeh further referred to those accusing him of being “anti-gun” as “radicals.” Yes, how terribly radical to assume that, because I have a legally issued carry permit in this state, I should be allowed to carry my weapon to such crazy places as restaurants and state parks. Silly me. Guess I’ll just keep my gun locked up in a safe, unloaded, and as far from my radical, unstable hands as possible.

Naifeh finished his nonsense with the statement, “As long as I am speaker, we will never have to worry about our Second Amendment right being infringed upon.” Too late, Naifeh. Clearly you and I have a different understanding of the word “infringe.”

What Naifeh doesn’t seem to understand (and he is not alone, as most anti-gun folks don’t seem to get this either) is that it’s not the legally-carrying individuals with whom we need to be concerned. Those who spend the money and put forth the time and effort to legally obtain a concealed-carry permit are not the ones who are going to haul off and start hunting humans in the middle of town. By and large, those who commit heinous crimes with firearms didn’t bother to register with the state. All we law-abiding citizens ask is that we be given a leg-up on those who would do us harm, and being able to carry when we go camping or out to eat is one way Naifeh could have helped us do just that.