My apologies for blog neglect. The last couple of days have been filled with such joys as internet troubles, a sick dog, and more internet troubles. My hatred for Comcast grows.

One of the first news stories I ran across once my internet came back up (after several hours of unexplained down time) is one that references the Tennessee Attorney General’s opinion that a bill making it illegal for ILLEGAL immigrants to accept pay for work done in Tennessee is unconstitutional. The bill, introduced by Sen. Joe Haynes and Rep. Mike Turner (both Nashville Democrats) would have required illegal immigrants caught working in the state to forfeit earnings and property, face up to six months in jail and be fined up to $500.

According to the State Attorney General, however, this is unconstitutional.


I could be way off base here, as it has been a few years since I took a Constitutional law class. The last time I checked, though, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS don’t have Constitutional rights. One sort of forfeits those rights when he enters the country ILLEGALLY. Kind of like how one forfeits the right to vote when he commits a felony (maybe our AG thinks that’s unconstitutional, as well).

The AG’s explanation is that the bill violates the Federal Labor Standards Act, which protects workers’ rights to receive minimum and overtime wages. But, again, we’re talking about ILLEGAL immigrants here, so I’m not sure how it applies.

This isn’t the first dumb opinion handed down by our AG, so I really shouldn’t be surprised.

That’s not to say this is good law, though. It seems to me that if one is caught working in the United States illegally, then it would be a lot simpler to just deport their sorry behind back to the country from which they came, rather than going through all the hassle of tossing them in jail and taking their stuff. I suppose, however, we’re trying in this state to deal with a problem that the Federal government should be getting a handle on, but isn’t, so we’re just doing what we can.

Things in my little mind are also a lot simpler than they are in our giant government bureaucracy, so I’m sure our fair legislators would just be confused by my silly ideas. Like deportation.