Citizens for Government Waste, a watchdog organization that monitors pork barrel spending, released their annual “Pig Book,” revealing our most wasteful legislators.

How did our Representatives measure up?

  • Congressman David Davis (1st District) ranked 95th in the House with 13 pork barrel requests totaling $42.8 million
  • Knoxville’s John Duncan (2nd District) had 15 requests totaling a modest $15.9 million
  • Chattanooga’s Zack Wamp (3rd District) ranked 63rd with 30 pork barrel requests totaling $53.8 million
  • Senator Bob Corker ranked 88th with 12 requests for a total of $33.9 million
  • Senator Lamar Alexander ranked 60th (higher than even Barack Obama) with 60 requests totaling $120.6 million
  • Virginia’s Senator Jim Webb, it is worth mentioning, ranked 23rd with 121 requests totaling $254.1 million, and Senator John Warner ranked 24th with 122 requests totaling $251.2 million. That means that Virginia’s Senators requested a total of $505.3 million of our tax dollars (just in case you didn’t feel like doing the math). I hope ya’ll enjoy my money.

Unfortunately, CAGW has been releasing their “Pig Book” for a number of years, but to no avail. Congress continues to waste our money, especially during election years (we could also call it “bribing,” but that sounds so dirty), and they have no intention of stopping anytime soon. The best we can do, I suppose, is “kick the bums out,” in the hopes that we might end up with a few legislators who won’t steal from us in order to play Robin Hood.

On a positive note, there were a few Congressmen who requested NO pork barrel funding. They are:

In the House: Rep. Boehner, Rep. Brown, Rep. Flake, Rep. Fossela, Rep. Foster, Rep. Kline, Rep. Latta, Rep. Pitts, Rep. Shadegg, and Rep. Terry.

In the Senate: Senator Coburn, Senator DeMint, Senator Feingold, Senator McCaskill, and – hold the phone – Senator John McCain.