We’ve updated my site…again.

If you’ll remember, we went through this whole “I’m going to move my hosting and update my site…blah, blah, blah” last July (or so) and it was a bit of a pain in the neck – at least for me. Well, here we go again.

I’ll spare you the details as to why we’ve moved and changed and updated, and just let you know to update your links, rss feeds, etc. I’ll keep my old site up for a while, so that links will still go to that page. If you go to www.jamaoliver.com, this is where you’ll end up, but old links will go to the old “wordpress” page. As new links start coming in to this page, and I’m confident everyone is updated, I’ll delete the old site.

Other than links and rss (and the cool new design!) nothing will change. Keep coming by daily (or more often!) for my brilliant commentary. 😉

NOTE: The link for the new RSS is: http://www.jamaoliver.com/?feed=rss2