It’s been a busy several days, so I’m just getting around to digging through news stories from late last week. One of the interesting little bits I just came across was that the Republican-sponsored DUI bills we’ve been discussing for the last few weeks were killed by Democrats in the House…right after they passed several identical Democrat-sponsored bills.

I knew fairly early on that these bills had widespread support in the House and, if they didn’t make it through committee, it would be due to certain lawmakers wanting credit for the bills. That, apparently, is exactly what happened.

I can’t say I’m upset that the bills failed, but the way they failed makes me a little sick to my stomach. The bills didn’t fail because they’re bad law, but because certain politicians wanted credit. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, identical or nearly identical Democrat-sponsored legislation did make it out of committee. So we’re not out of the woods yet.

A House panel killed the Republican-sponsored “administrative license revocation” measure, while the Criminal Practice Subcommittee approved a virtually identical bill backed by the Bredesen administration.

As Rep. Tom Dubois (R-Columbia), the sponsor of many of the Republicans’ DUI bills in the House, waited to have his bills reviewed by the panel, he saw the panel approve several Democrat-backed bills that were exactly the same as his DUI package.

While I don’t like these bills, I also don’t like to see a waste of time, money, and effort just so certain lawmakers get a pat on the back. Why, if particular legislation has already been submitted, would one go through the effort of submitting identical proposals? Makes me sick to my stomach…