The State of Tennessee today rejected the Certificate of Need (CON) for a new Wellmont-owned emergency care center in Boone’s Creek.

This means that those of us living in Washington County will still be faced with only one option when in need of emergency care. Well, two, I suppose: go to a MSHA facility or drive to Kingsport, Bristol, or Greeneville. Or I guess we could just die instead (which is actually what my brother-in-law ordered my sister to allow, rather than take him to the Johnson City Medical Center).

While MSHA isn’t all bad – I had a wonderful experience at Sycamore Shoals in Elizabethton – their quality of care in Johnson City is unbelievably bad. That is why, I believe, they are so adamantly opposed to competition of any sort in Washington County – another hospital might just offer better care, thus costing MSHA precious dollars.

So, the Wellmont fight goes on while Washington Countians continue to spend 13 or so hours waiting for care at JCMCH’s emergency room.